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Taste Our Goods

Ann Arbor FoodSometimes you pass a place a dozen times and do not notice it. This was the case with the small sandwich grill called “Taste Our Goods,” located left of the cashier in the Kerrytown market in downtown Ann Arbor. The reason I kept missing it was because I tend to check out and not look over, or I shop the farmers market till the 3:00 PM closing bell. They are open Tuesday thru Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with breakfast serve till 11 a.m. and all day Saturdays.

The menu consist of seven salad options and twelve eclectic sandwiches plus daily special. They also serve breakfast offerings of omelets and breakfast sandwiches. My selection was a the Foley’s Steak Sandwich. The menu describes it as a Butt-rubbed steak, amish blue cheese, caramelized onions, & arugula drizzled with cherry vinaigrette on sourdough.

It was a large sandwich served with a crunchy cabbage salad for only $7. In fact the entire standard lunch menu is only $7 per salad or sandwich, which is around half the price of zingerman’s across the street. My sandwich was great and compares well with the a zinger. Half a sandwich made a good lunch.

Some of there other offerings are:

Judy’s a Punk: Grill portobello mushroom sandwich with pesto, tomato and goat cheese

Lisalized Chicken Salad: Chicken salad with grapes, almonds, green onions and celery with romaine

Kat’s an Adult Sandwich: Prosciutto, arugula & age provolone on a butter baguette

The Drew Brown: Banana and crunchy peanut butter grilled on farm bread with a nutella and/ bacon option (which I can’t wait to try!)

Taste Our Goods is a great example of the kind of restaurants I would love to see more. They offer reasonably price fresh food with local artisan ingredients, and use quality, well raised meats.