Plum Market: Baked Good Sale

Ann Arbor FoodThe secret is out! Plum Market offers a half price sales on their baked goods, pastry and bread case every night after 8:00 PM. Get there early because a line starts forming about 30 minutes before 8:00. They sell out quick.

The prized items of the case is the Zingerman’s bread which at half price is a bargain. My favorite is the sour dough chocolate bread which is $7 a loaf at full price, so I usually pass on it, but at half price I can’t resist.

The offerings are cookies, muffins, breads, scones, donuts, various pastry, baguettes, and others. It is a mixed bag because the case can be pretty picked over depending on when you get there, but there is alway some sweet goods to choose from.

Plum Market is located in Ann Arbor on the corner of Dexter and Maple.


4 responses to “Plum Market: Baked Good Sale

  1. FYI, their sushi also goes on half-price or thereabouts at the same time – a great deal, especially for those of us who eat a late dinner!

  2. Enjoy the blog!

    You recently mentioned the 1/2 price sale at Plum Market and then noted its location:

    “Plum Market is located in Ann Arbor on the corner of Dexter and Miller.”

    Isn’t that really ‘Dexter’ and ‘Maple’?

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