Brown Rice Sushi

Ann Arbor FoodBrown Rice Sushi is a little tricky because the rice does not stick together like white rice does. I make mine with short grain brown rice because of the added nutrition. Sushi rice is traditionally mixed with some kind of vinegar and sugar. I use brown rice vinegar and rice syrup, but you can use any variation you like. The fillings are flexible. I used avocado, cucumber, carrot and smoked salmon for this recipe. If using raw fish, make sure you use the freshest possible.


For the Rice:

2 cups organic short grain brown rice

3 cups of water

2 Tbs Brown rice vinegar

2 Tbs rice syrup or sugar

pinch of salt for cooking rice


2 avocados, cut into strips

1 carrot cut into thin sticks

1 cucumber peeled, seeded, cut into strips

1 package of smoked salmon 4 once (non-vegan option)

1/4 cup toasted sesame seed (optional)

Nori sheets

Dipping Sauce:

1 part soy sauce

1 part mirin

wasabi powder to taste


Rise and soak the rice overnight. Drain off the soaking water. Add 3 cup of water, the rice and a pinch of salt to pot. Bring to a boil, cover then simmer for 25-35 minutes. Mix the sugar and vinegar together. Add rice to a bowl and mix in the rice and vinegar with a rice paddle. Let rice cool to room temp.

For the filling, peel, and cut the vegetables. Cook the carrots for a minute or so in boiling water to soften slightly.


Place the shiny side of the nori sheet down on a sushi mat or piece of plastic wrap. Wet hand slightly and gab about a tennis ball size of rice. Place the rice on the nori sheet. Flatten out the rice with a rice paddle leaving the top inch of the nori sheet clear.

Add a moderate amount of filling, disperse equally in a lined strip about 2 inches from the close end. Don’t add too much filling. I always make this mistake on the first one then reduce the amount of filling. Take the end closest to you, and fold over the nori sheet around the filling. Tuck in the nori over the filling and continue rolling the rest of the roll. Add a little water on the bare end of the nori sheet and roll.Ann Arbor Food

Using a shape knife, Slice the nori rolls in half. Wash off the knife in between cuts. Eight pieces per nore is standard, but you can cut them as you wish.

Sprinkle with some toasted sesame seeds, spoon and little dipping sauce and enjoy.

Make 5-7 nori rolls

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  1. sparklemeetsdomestics

    You make this look easy!

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