Inchworm Microgreens

This is the introduction to my microgreens garden and small, micro-farm business. Microgreens are similar to sprouts except they are grown in soil. They are harvested before the plants reach their first truth leaves. You may have seen them if you had cut your own sunflower sprouts from a tray at a co-op.

Why microgreens? The answer is that they provide great flavor and they are packed with nutrients. Microgreens make great additions to salads, sandwiches, and garnishes for soups and entrees. Part of the idea comes out of the fact that I have no land to farm. I am calling my “farm” Inchworm Microgreens for a fun play on the size of my farm which currently consists of eight trays. I am growing curly cress, arugula, basil, cilantro, red kale, yellow beets, speckled pea, and broccoli.

Setting up the trays and seeds, making sure I label and weight the seeds

Ann Arbor Food

Filling up the trays with a good coverages of seeds

Ann Arbor Food

Close up of seed coverage

Ann Arbor Food

Trays stacked up with paper towel cover

Ann Arbor Food

Weights and Measures

Ann Arbor Food

All eight trays are seeded, labeled, and covered with paper towel to be watered

Ann Arbor Food

Finished trays with plastic top

Ann Arbor Food

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