Kosmo Deli: A Korean American Fusion Diner

I have been passing by the Kosmopolitan Deli for weeks now. It is located in the Kerrytown shops in Ann Arbor, where the Wednesday and Saturday farmer’s market is located. I have been there years before for their Bi Bim Bop, Rice with veggies, egg and various topping. They make theirs with brown rice which was a treat for me at the time I was going through a macrobiotic vegetarian phase. Todays meal was far from vegetarian. I had the Seoul dog, a hotdog wrapped in bacon that is fried and topped with kim chi and mozzarella cheese. It sounded so crazy I just had to try it.

Ann Arbor FoodThe Kimchi provided a spicy vegetable balanced. I am not sure the cheese worked.

I also had the twiggum, a tempura batter fried pile of fried goodness. I ordered the small, but it was a huge pile. Twiggum is a tempura clump. It is as if someone was making tempura and had a few pieces stuck together and decided, why not save some time and throw them all in the oil in small handfuls instead of individual pieces. It was served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce which help with the heavy friedness of the dish.

The Kosmo is a Korean version of an American greasy spoon. Burgers can be ordered with Kim chi. There is a teriyaki burger, and offerings a hot and sour so

Ann Arbor Food

up. Various sauces are provided like a spicy teriyaki sauce instead of ketchup. You can either go with a healthy a brown rice bowl with veggies and tofu or ordered a seoul

dog with a tempura pile. Both are good eats.

Ann Arbor Food


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