Apple Daze: Dexter Michigan 2009

Apple Daze

It was raining today, but that did not stop me from going to the Apple Daze in Dexter, Michigan. The event was hold on the park downtown Dexter. I got there as they were having the pie eating contest. There were craft vendors, animals for a petting zoo, apple doughnuts for sale, and of course apple pie. Here are some pictures.

Rainy Sign

Ann Arbor Food


Ann Arbor Food

Feed for Llama’s: I bought a cup and feed the Llama, they are gentle and cute.

Ann Arbor Food

Baby Goat

Ann Arbor Food

Pie Eating Contest: Kid with his face in a pie

Ann Arbor Food

Fresh Apples for sale at the place I bought apple doughnuts from.

Ann Arbor Food

Apple Pie by the Slice

Ann Arbor Food

Sign on Main Street

Ann Arbor Food

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