Breakfast @ Selma Crew

Ann Arbor Food

Selma Crew Chopping Veggies

This was the first time working on the volunteer crew for breakfast@Selma, a friday morning charity breakfast and community get together in Ann Arbor.

Friday mornings at Selma: Jeff McCabe and Lisa Gottlieb host a friday morning breakfasts from 6:30-10:00am at 722 Soule Blvd.
For more info email:

I worked both the Thursday night prep session and I jumped in Friday for dishes and to wait on tables. If you have the time, I highly recommend jumping in on a shift. Jeff and Lisa are flexible and open to any time you are willing to be there to help.

I will be the guest cook next week, so I wanted to get a feel for the behinds the scene. The thursday night crew has a lot of fun, and the work gets done pretty quickly.

There are no pictures of the food on Friday, sorry. I was so busy that I forget to take them. The great thing about Selma is that there is always something new every week.

The guest chef is Heather Leavitt went to study art in Florence and found food.  She works as a server and line cook for eve – the restaurant, while developing her business: Cakes by Heather Anne (and soon to be  She recently appeared on the Food Network’ Last Cake Standing with Courtney Clark of Cake Nouveau.  Heather’s work first caught my eye when she was displaying giant art cakes at Morgan and York a couple years ago, themed on various area businesses such as Roos Roast, Harnois Chickens and Durham’s Tracklements.  She loves the local.  Heather teams up with fellow eve line cook Roberto (Beto) Dominguez to bring you:

Beto’s Pork Tamales with red sauce  served with a side of mixed greens tossed with cilantro corn salsa

Spicy Greens and Cilantro Corn Salsa topped with Sunny-side up eggs

Ann Arbor Food

Thursday Night Crew meal:  A fun plate of beans, chips, some veggies and pie and ice cream

Ann Arbor Food

Carrot Totem

Ann Arbor Food

Happy Crew with Peppers

Ann Arbor Food

Cooking tortilla

Ann Arbor Food

Making Tamales

Ann Arbor Food

The finishes tamales ready to be steamed

Ann Arbor Food

Birthday at Selma

Ann Arbor Food

Selma Chickens

Ann Arbor Food

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