Come to Friday Morning at Selma: Oct 16, 6:30-10:00

Ann Arbor Food

Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwiches @ Selma

FridayMornings@SELMA invites you to pull up a chair and share your vision for the future of food.

Brian Steinberg makes his SELMA debut with a real get-warm seasonal special.  You may have met Brian here at SELMA or at the HomeGrown Festival where he debuted his new mini-farm: Inchworm MicroGreens.  

Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich served one of three ways – either with house-made sausage and gravy, egg and cheddar or bacon, egg and cheddar.  Which ever way you take it, it will be served up with a side of roasted sweet and red potatoes, a bit-o-greens and will wrap up with an apple-hazelnut crisp.

Don’t forget our “fruit seasonal” perennial breakfast choices: waffles or Lisa’s pear bread pudding both served with bacon, or the granola-yogurt parfait.  Fruit this week: gingered apples and raspberries.

Suggested donation for breakfast is $10 – $15.  All proceeds go to the farmers and producers of your food and our small farms-small farmers initiative.  SELMA is here for you every week 6:30 to 10:00 am – 722 Soule – check out: Repasts, Present and Future for more information.  Early arrival is suggested for those on the go.  FM@SELMA is all volunteer.  We need your help to sustain this local-foods breakfast salon.  Please reply to this email or click here to let us know what you are thinking, and how you would like to participate.

Thanks and see you soon, Jeff and Lisa.


2 responses to “Come to Friday Morning at Selma: Oct 16, 6:30-10:00

  1. I look forward to meeting you – I SELMA every Friday!

  2. Wish I’d been there – I was sick as a dog that day!

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