Local Food on a Budget:The $3-$5 local Meal Challenge

samplebox1One of the things I hear about local food is that it is too expensive. Nay sayers of the local food movement use this argument to dismiss our efforts. So I am throwing down a challenge.

Introducing the $3.00-$5.00 local food meal deal challenge:

The idea is to create a $3-5 (per person) local meal and either send it to me to post on this site or post your submissions on your blog and I will link to your post.

Why $3.00-$5.00? That is about the cost of a fast food meal, and I figure given a little creativity and research, we can make better local meals.

Here are the rules:

Every ingredient has to be sourced locally (with the exception of spices, salt, and baking supplies like baking powder, baking soda, yeast etc)

sweeteners must be local (honey, maple, michigan beet sugar)

Try to use local Fat and veggie cooking oil (I have a hard time sourcing local cooking oil, but still account for all non-local food cost)

The meal must be balanced and include a serving of protein, a starch and vegetable.

All items and cost must be accurately recorder, and sources provided to be included in the challenge.

Items from your garden, gleaned or wild foraged count. Account the best you can for your garden veggies. For example your packet of seeds for lettuce may have costed $3 and provided 10 servings.

Check out the $3-5 Meal Challenge section for some meals. Most are actually less than $3.00, and one meal I created cost less than a $1.00.

Please send your $3-$5 meal to me for post to:

6 responses to “Local Food on a Budget:The $3-$5 local Meal Challenge

  1. Do you know where I can get local smoked ham hocks? I can post a recipe.

  2. MK

    I found smoked ham hocks for sale at J & M Farms at the Detroit Farmers Market. They were going for $2.00


  3. Gotta watch Eastern Market – much sold isn’t truly “local” although your ham hocks are. I found some at the AAFM for $3.50/lb, which is way more spendy.

    Here’s my blog post about this week’s try at eating locally for $3-$5 per serving….I succeeded!


  4. MK

    You mentioned that you make your own cider vinegar from apple cider, how do you do that?


  5. Thanks MK,

    We have a ton of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar from our canning project this fall, but I will be making some vinegar once it is finished

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