Holiday Photos: Chrismikkah 2009

Here are a few picture from my Holiday season. I celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. I am jewish and my girlfriend celebrates Christmas.That means I have a Menorah and a tree in my house. I have become a fan of the whole holiday tree idea, and in recent years I have wanted to coop the idea for Hanukkah to be a “Hanukkah tree.” The idea is to decorate the tree with hanukkah ornaments and for the top, have a Menorah that lights up.

getting the tree

Goats at Jenny Farms Stand

Me in a Baby Goat

One response to “Holiday Photos: Chrismikkah 2009

  1. Same with our house–I’m Jewish and my husband is (lapsed) Catholic who still sorta celebrates Xmas. We have a manger, menorah, small fake Xmas tree, latkes and Xmas Eve dinner! It works awesomely 🙂

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