Happy B-Day to Me: 41 Years Old

Ann Arbor Food

Today is my 41st B-day, and to celebrate I am having cupcakes from the Cupcake Station this year for my cake. The love the idea of cupcakes because you can have a variety, they are cute little cakes, everyone can have their favorite, and you only need one candle.

Cupcakes are all the rage these days. It make sense. Along with coffee shops, cupcakes places offer a place to hang out and have both coffee/hot coco and cake. Most cupcake places sell mini’s, which lets people to have a small taste instead of eating a whole big sized cupcake, or other full serving size desserts. I figure that 3-4 minis make one ful sized cupcake, so if you want a cupcake, but do not want to over do it, you can get a mini sampler which I prefer.

So how are the cupcakes at the Cupcake Station? They were voted the best of Ann Arbor this year, and I have to excitingly agree. They are the best in the city, and in my opinion the best I have ever had. I am a big fan of what I call hearty frosting. The chocolate frosting is rich, thick and fudge like, and the cream cream frosting was also what I call on the hearty side. Some cupcakes I have had in the past were all show. The cake and the frosting are a pretty cloud, but there is not much there, there.

The Cupcake Station offers some 24 varieties of cupcakes. I have tried four (mini’s) so far (red velvet, pb & c, vanilla petal, and the original vanilla cake and chocolate frosting) and have been please with all of them.

Deep B-day thoughts?: 41 is not a freak out B-day like the ones that end in a zero. But 41 is no small event either. In the not so far past 41 was a ripe old age, and most were considered lucky to hit 41 in good shape.

I am planning for a very productive 41st year on the planet.I am in process of writing a few books (comic book/graphic novels), will be launching my microgreens biz this spring and summer, and relocating to Lansing to attend MSU in the fall to study documentary film. Also, along with writing this blog, I hopefully will be taking up the ukulele, which I got for last years B-day but have not touched.


Ann Arbor Food

Ann Arbor Food

Ann Arbor Food

Ann Arbor Food

Ann Arbor Food

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