Alabama Trip: Day Four

Ann Arbor Food

“This is some of the best BBQ I’ve every chewed on.” I overheard this in the doorway from a guy waiting to be seated. And I have to agree.

The place was Jim ‘N Nick’s, in Birmingham. It s a huge place, and because there was a bowl game in town, UConn vs South Carolina, the place was packed.

Did I eat BBQ (Pork) almost was day in Alabama? I think so. That is why I bring oatmeal and fruit and cut the heavy eating I tend to do down south.

For Dinner: Meal down south come as a meat and two-three sides. Some people go for the Vegetable Plate which is three sides and corn bread. The veggies are so rich from being fried, cooked with bacon, with butter or cream, that the veggies plate is more than enough

Ann Arbor Food

Sweet Tea (popular in the south)

Ann Arbor Food

Corn biscuits

Ann Arbor Food

My Dinner of Pork ribs, ham, creamed spinach, collard greens with BBQ sauce

Ann Arbor Food

Pulled Pork BBQ, with sauce and pickles, Baked beans and collards

Ann Arbor Food

Turkey BBQ

Ann Arbor Food

Chicken BBQ with potato salad and collards

Ann Arbor Food

Tilapia with apples and creamed spinach

Ann Arbor Food

Lemon Pie

Ann Arbor Food

Chocolate Cream pie

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