Cupcakes from Cake Nouveau

Ann Arbor Food

I have been on a cupcake kick lately. This time I went to Cake Nouveau. Courtney Clark, the owner and cake designer is a local celebrity in the baking world. She has appeared on several Food Network cake challenge shows including winning one of them. A huge Food Network check is displayed in the bakery next to the counter. I have even been in there one time when a group of tourist were asking to meet the famous baker, and get a picture. My cupcake kick has been spurred on with two family B-days this month, mine, and Emily’s Mom’s.

Cupcake are just plan simple. No pre-ordering a cake. No having to get the name piped on it. No fighting with the Fam to try and create a cake flavor everyone will eat. And no big half of a left over cake lying around to create guilt and add on too much calories. With cupcakes, each person can have their own cupcake (or two) with their favorite flavor(s)

With this said, the question is how were the cupcakes? My last cupcake review was from Cupcake Station, and for me they were the second best cupcake I have ever had, only next to Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah Georgia.

So Cake Nouveau had a lot to live up to. We purchased four kinds flavors of cupcakes, strawberry, chocolate truffle, tiramisu, and vanilla. The Fam liked Cake Nouveau over Cupcake Station because they thought the frosting at the cupcake station was too sweet, and they preferred Cake Nouveau. I preferred Cupcake Station, but Cake Nouveau had good flavor. (one person opinion)

The plan is to try every cupcake place in town, which should not be a big deal in a town as small as Ann Arbor. Yet, I just notice that there is another cupcake shop opening up. This one is going to located at the Westgate shopping center, near the West end library branch, Nicholas Books, and the Zingermans road house.

Still on the list, Plum Market, and Zingerman’s bakehouse.

Please share your favor Ann Arbor cupcakes


2 responses to “Cupcakes from Cake Nouveau

  1. There’s a cupcake stand in the center of Briarwood Mall. The cupcakes are made in Livonia, and they are fantastic – better IMO than Cupcake Station or Cake Nouveau. My favorite is the Fat Elvis – banana cupcake topped with peanut butter buttercream and dipped in chocolate ganache. Sooo good.

    A cupcake place in Westgate could be very dangerous for me…

  2. Tammy

    Thanks for the info. That one was not even on the list. I am a big Elvis fan so I have to give the Fat Elvis Cupcake a try.


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