Chicago Zine Fest Trip

This is a quick food tour from my Chicago trip. Why was I in Chicago? I was there for there Chicago Zine Fest. Zines are self published mini books (booklets) that are usually printed via a photocopier or a home printer. Before there were blogs, twitter and facebook, there were zines. I have been creating a zine called Soup which is a four panel a day, diary comic of a seven month span of part of my life in Portland, Oregon. I spent most of my time running around Chicago at the event, but managed to get some good eats, and see a few things. I still have not had a Chicago Pizza in Chicago yet. Here are some pictures, and shout outs about some cool places to check out.

Garrets is a Chicago Institution. It is a popcorn shop, that makes fresh carmel, butter, cheese and chocolate popcorn. I have the Chicago mix which is a combo of carmel and cheese. They hand mix it for yah.

My second food stop was America’s Dog. Chicago is probably the Hotdog capital of the world. America’s dog was great. They feature hotdogs from around the USA. I had the traditional Chicago dog which came with tomatoes, sports pickled hot peppers, relish, and a pickle. It is good, but for a purest NY dog guy, of spicy mustard and kraut, it was different.

America Dog featured a map of the USA with the accompanying hotdog by state/city/region

This is a plush roast beef that I saw at Quiby’s Bookstore. Quimby’s sponsored the Zine Fest, and is a great independent comics, graphic novel, and zine outlet.

A plush Ham. There is a plush, and fabric craft movement around creating cute replicas of food. Check out a future post for pictures and stories about the plush food scene.

Here is a picture of me at the Chicago Zine Fest with some guy I just met who was wearing what I think was a bunny costume.

Other places:

Red Hen Bread: Good bread, pastry and Coffee

Renegade Handmade: Fun craft store


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