Matzoh Time

It is about that time when I start to see all of the Jewish foods appear in the grocery store for Passover. Chief among these food items is matzoh crackers. They come in large sheets the same size as the box. There are a few brands, but my favorite for the last couple of years has been Yehunda.

I have never made matzo, but there is a class offered at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor this year.

How do you eat matzoh? I like to spread room temperature salted butter on a whole sheet. I also have started a tradition of making chocolate covered matzoh with toasted nuts like hazelnuts or almonds. (recipe and step by step coming soon). And there is Matzo Brie, a dish made with matzo soaked n boiling water to soften, then soaked in eggs and fried in  a pan to create a matzo like french toast. (recipe in a later post)

But this recipe for bacon wrapped matzoh balls takes the cake…but it is not not kosher for Passover or any other day of the year. (see attached video)

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