Michigan Morels: Or Bust


Michigan Morel 2011 Report
Michigan Morel 2011 First of the year

OK. This is not a picture of Morels that I actually successfully hunted, and found. The place I search for morels was a bust again this year. Many, too many, people know about it. I scored a huge bag a few years ago, but since nothing. I found one morel stump after a few hours of searching. So I am finding a new spot. I am not sure where, but I am on quest this year to find a michigan morel this year.

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2 responses to “Michigan Morels: Or Bust

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  2. This makes me sad and forlorn. From Missouri, my grandfather
    was a morel gathering genius. He’s show up at our back door with
    a bushel basket full of them, which mom would dredge in flour and
    fry up in Crisco. Wonder if I’ll ever have them again…?

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