My local food updates

Quick post and news:

I usually put all of this in the event section but I wanted to provide a posting on the home page. I seemed to be really busy with a few food related project, so I thought I would provide a quick update for those following again.

Inchworm Microgreens Farm

We are coming into our third week at the Westside Farmers Market located at the Zingermans Roadhouse, on Thursday from 3:00-7:00 pm at summer. I will there with my microgreens. This weeks offerings will be Pea Shoots and Adzuki Bean Shoots.

Ann Arbor Sugar Beet Project:

Jeff from IT’S HOT IN HERE/ ARBORAMA radio show at WCBN interviewed me about the Sugar Beet Project. You can here it tomorrow live, or download the podcast.

There are 8 people growing sugar beets for the project this year. Hopefully our success with growing and making sugar will inspire more growers and makers next season. It is hitting about the latest one can get seed in the ground.

There will be a fund raiser dinner  on July 17th hosted by Tammy Coxen of TT Super Club to support the Ann Arbor Sugar Beet Project. The money will go towards getting a centrifuge to process brown sugar into white. The cost is a minimum donation of $55 per person. Email me at or Tammy at Tammy’s menus are fresh, locally sourced, and awesome. Seats go fast, so sign up quick. You can also sign up for a seat at my booth at the farmers market.

Ann Arbor BP Boycott:

I am pretty busy these days, but one is never too busy to do a little protest’n. I watch the new daily, and I am outraged by the gulf spill. Ann Arbor is flush with BP stations, and I shake my head when I still see people getting there gas there. So when i have the time, usually a few hours on the weekend, I am holding up a Boycott BP in front of an Ann Arbor BP Station. And I encourage others to make signs and join the protest. I will even let you use my paints.

BP has a 9 billion dollar contracts with the US military, so pressure through a BP Boycott at the pump may seem small, but it does send a message. And that message is that US citizen are not on the oil companies side. This can help mustard up the political will to get our elected officials to suspend our gov’t contracts.

3 responses to “My local food updates

  1. The tops of my sugar beets are up! I just weeded the bed today. They are sharing the bed with golden beets and some bush beans…they seem happy 🙂

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