HB 5837 Passes the Senate

It was a rainy day at the Westiside Farmers Market today. The rained cleared just as the market was closing. Most vendors will tell you that rain is great for growing, but not so much during market days, which results in people staying home.

So I ran over to Selma to donate some of my extra pea shoots for the thursday night work party supper, and for the friday morning meal. I got talking to Jeff and he told me that HB 5837, the cottage food bill passed the michigan state senate.

I was surprised that it passed so quickly. In fact I am surprised it passed at all. Readers of my blog might have followed this ongoing saga, which looks like it will have a very happy ending for local food producers.

When this bill get signed into law by Jennifer Granholm, my plan is to make and sell hand pies at the Westside Farmers Market. I am also playing around with making a organic energy bar.

Thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen. I know I was on the phone bugging my state reps to pass this bill.

Happy Baking everyone


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