HB 5837: Michigan Cottage Food Operation Bill is now a law

It is offical HB 5837 is now a law. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.

Ann Arbor Food

I attended the bill signing. Also in attendance was Jeff McCabe of Selma, Amanda Edmonds of Growing Hope, Rep. Pam Byrnes, and Governor Granholm.

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So what does this mean to local food venture in Michigan? Amanda talked about how the passing of this bill into law will mean that more people can start their food business. The cost and access to a commercial kitchens will no longer be a barrier to starting certain food businesses. The hope and the potential is that some of these small start ups will lead to larger local food product businesses that will provide greater access to local food, put Michigan on the map for food tourism, and create more jobs from small businesses.

I can confirm first hand about the bill is creating new jobs because it help to create one for me and my girlfriend Emily. We are happy to announce our new business thanks to this new law: Inchworm Bakery.

This new law affects me directly and instantly because I plan to bake some pocket pies, and cookies as early as Thursday and have them packaged, labelled and ready for sale.

Come visit me at the Westside farmers market to get a sample of the new Inchworm Bakery’s baked goods of pocket pies, and shortbread cookies.



3 responses to “HB 5837: Michigan Cottage Food Operation Bill is now a law

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  2. how long is it going to take you to hit that $15k limit?
    I wonder how they will even enforce that.

    • I figure if I am selling 15K worth of baked goods a year, I would want to get out of my home kitchen and rent a larger kitchen to work in. 15K is like 1000 pies, or 3-4K loaves of bread, or 15K cookies. The enforcement will be on our taxes when we file. I guess honesty is the best policy if you do not want to get audited.

      Good Luck to all new bakers, and cottage food producers


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