Super Bowl Recipes

OK. The Game is tomorrow and you still are not sure what to offer your guests of the big game. My solution:

Super Bowl Sandwich Bar.

Get some good sandwich bread, sliced cheese, cold cuts, and toppings  and to make things a little more interesting, set up a grilled sandwich station or get a few panini makers or George Forman presses.

Let your guests grill their own and supply chips and fruit on the side.

Here is a list of some game day grilled sandwich combinations.

The Rueben:
Beef or Turkey Pastrami
Sour Kraut
Baby swiss
w/ thousand island dressing

The Pizza:
Thick tomato sauce
Mozzarella Cheese

The Italian:
Pickle Italian veggies (found at your grocer in a glass jar)
Olive olive
fresh pepper

The New England Apple Pie:
Sharp Cheddar
Fresh slice apples (granny smith)
pinch of cinnamon

French Revolution:
Roast Beef
Boursin or brie cheese
red onion
honey mustard

Roasted Red Pepper:
Roasted red pepper
Fresh Mozzarella
Basil Pesto or Olive tapenade

Buffalo Blue:
Cooked Slice chicken breast
Franks RedHot sauce
combination of cheddar and blue cheese

Turkey Potato Chip:
Potato Chips

Chocolate Banana:
Slice Banana
w/ strawberries (optional)

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