Kickstarter Food Projects

I have been getting into kickstarter since I talked with the folks at the who are planing to start a vegan lunch cart.

here are some of the projects I have been following.

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Last year, you helped fund The Perennial Plate — a weekly documentary series that went from a small Minnesota website, to a nationally syndicated show with over 12,000 weekly viewers. We created 52 episodes, from Squirrel hunting to community gardens and morels. Our hope was to entertain, learn and draw you closer to the people, animals and land that bring food to your plate.

With a year of making these films under our belt, we want to take The Perennial Plate to the next level. By traveling across the US (and into Canada), we hope to share the inspiring stories about alternatives to mainstream food with as many people as possible. As in Minnesota, each week I will be hunting, farming, fishing and foraging with these food heroes and then cooking up a delectable feast. Each week the videos will be posted on Huffington Post,, Serious Eats as well as at

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Great news for food lovers in Ann Arbor, and especially for vegetarians and vegans: you will have a terrific new dining option this spring! The Lunch Room is opening a food cart downtown that will offer healthy, delicious and economical vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides and baked goods. Our cart will be nestled among several others in a new courtyard on W. Washington between Ashley and First streets. The courtyard is slated to open in late April and will operate through mid-November.

This is the time to show your love for the Lunch Room! You may have eaten our food, you may have a personal connection with Phillis or Joel, or you may have an interest in delectable, wholesome, plant-based foods. Whatever your motivation, we need your help to bring our food cart to life.

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Our goal is to raise enough to purchase and retrofit a 25-foot school bus, convert it to run on biofuel, and have the whole shebang up and making market stops and school visits around Washington, DC in early summer 2011. The Mobile Market will be where food is needed — in low-income neighborhoods known as “food deserts” — bringing healthy, local food to the places people naturally gather. And we need YOU to help make it happen!


Imagine a brightly painted school bus running on recycled cooking oil and retrofitted with wooden crates bursting with fresh, local fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheeses, and humanely-raised meats. We’re collaborating with local farmers and communities across the region to bring fresh food, recipe ideas, and nutrition information to schools and neighborhoods in a healthy variation on the trendy food truck.

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