B-24’s proves to be sustainable: By Anna Fuqua-Smith

Ann Arbor Food

Famous B-24 logo outside of the shop in downtown Ypsilanti

Downtown Ypsilanti’s new business, B-24’s proves to be sustainable, by Anna Fuqua-Smith, Washtenaw Voice staff

Just after two-months of operation, B-24’s in downtown Ypsilanti is proving to be viable.

Paying tribute to Ypsilanti heritage, B-24’s name originates from World War II when 8,700 “Liberator’s” bombers were flown out of Willow Run Airport.  During peak volumes, Willow Run employed nearly 42,000 people including “Rosie the Riveter.”

Martha and Tom Rumford, Ann Arbor, who own the building where B-24’s is located, has always seen this space as a coffee shop.

For more information, visit b-24’s.com or their Facebook page.

Anna generously let me provide a preview of her review of B-24 in Ypsilanti. Check out the full article and more photos.

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