Michigan Food Blogger Camp

I have been fantasizing about going to food blogger camp ever since I found out about a few months ago.

A few dozen food bloggers get together to in some warm resort during winter to talk food blogs and eat.

The problem for me was the money, and besides, I would rather enjoy some local eats with fellow Michigan bloggers this summer during peak season all things being equal.

Ok. I would rather do both, but I still have not managed to win the lottery yet despite the three times I played this year.

So I am sending out some feelers to see if anyone out there would be game to attend/help organize the 1st Annual Michigan Food Bloggers Camp.

The idea is a weekend get together where we share our blogs, and discuss topics like photography, layout, video, promotion and branding.

And we cook and go out for good eats.

3 responses to “Michigan Food Blogger Camp

  1. I am getting married in Sept. so this summer is gonna be crazy but I would do my best to attend! (If it wasn’t for wedding stuff I would gladly help with planning, too…)

  2. I would definitely love too! I myself wanted to go to the one in California. Now that we have moved here from there, I would want to go to one that is closer.

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