Pedal Power Kitchen Gadgets: Go Green

OK. I have been kind of obsessed with the idea of bicycle powdered gadgets. These gadgets are not new. Sewing machines are a classic example. I still have a working antique pedal power sewing machine in my house.

With the Going Green trend, I have seen bicycle/pedal  powered kitchen sets with a coffee grinder, immersion blender, and a food processor combo. Below are some videos of gadgets.

Basically any small appliance that’s spins can be  powered by pedaling.

Bicycles can even be set up to a generator/motor and create electricity, but in general using stationary bikes to produce electricity is ineffient.

By contrast, I think that using a riding bike to produce electricity like a cell phone charger like what nokia (Pedal Powered Cell Phone Chargers) just came out with makes sense because of the coast factor when riding on the road.

And for the fact that if you are taking a bike trip anyway, you might as well use that pedal power to charge a cell phone battery.

Pedal powered mechanical devises on the other hand are very sustainable and effient. The Human Powered Home: Choosing Muscle Over Motors takes you through a number of human powered home devises.

I have mentioned a few times on this blog about my goal to have a small hobby farm. One of the ideas with the farm is to have it run with pedal power when possible.

Of course, appliances aside, using pedal power to get around town is a great, go green use of the technology.

Pedal Powered Ice Cream

Pedal Powered Washing Machine

Pedal Powered Grain Mill

Pedal Powered Blender

Pedal Powered Water Filter

Pedal Powered Snow Plow

Pedal Powered Lawn Mover


One response to “Pedal Power Kitchen Gadgets: Go Green

  1. Wow that’s absolutely unique idea and would be too much help for especially those people who suffer from load shedding of electricity. Thumbs up for you guys for sharing the idea.

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