Traverse City Farmers Market

The weather is a great up here in Traverse City Michigan.

I will be here for the week as a tourist. The Traverse City Film Festival ends tomorrow and I will be trying to get to a few films. The plan is to go to the whole thing next year.

I also checked of the Farmers Market up here.

There was a guy selling shittake mushrooms and he displayed fruiting logs.
 I am jealous because I have been trying to get logs all summer to grow shittake.

The idea would be to bring the fruiting logs to the market and cut them off to order.

Fresh Sweet Corn is in season and I manage to get almost the last six ears.

Other things at the market: Cherries, blueberries, Fudge, chanterelles, first of the season peaches, all sorts of baked goods.

We are staying at the Camp ground on the cheap, so the plan was to cook most of our food on a small butane camp stove with dinners consisting of mostly pasta, but as fortune would have it, we have access to a full kitchen with a frig and an outdoor gas grill.

Dinner tonight was cheese burgers with excellent meat from the market and corn.
 Food events about town: Paella in the park, which is a food and wine fest with music


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