Andrea’s Farm Market Traverse City

I passed this place every morning on the way to drop off Emily for her art classes. The sign aways said sold out, so I figured that the farm had harvested all of thier fruit and were done for the season.

But today the sign was open again, so I stopped.

Rick Coors mans the fruit/berry stand next to his 1800’s craftman style cobble stone house. The fruit stand was the brain child of his daughter Andrea during a sleep over when she was 12.

Rick says that she had the idea to start a farm stand because the location of their house would work. At 12 years old, Andrea was started the business, which is around today.

Rick tells me that she is now a teacher of economics.

Andrea’s offers cherries, blueberries, apricots, and a variety of raspberry.

Get there early, because he usually sells out. They do not grow the fruit themselves. He’s got the location and the farmers have the fruit. The relationship works out great.

Rick says Andrea’s idea of the business was to sell out early so she could get to the beach by 1:00PM.

Andrea’s Farm Market
4872 Long Lake Rd
Traverse City Michigan

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