Back Yard Bats

Common Michigan Brown Bat

I found a little bat inside my outdoor sink. He/she was a cute little brown bat. He seemed OK. I thought I it was sleeping because I believe bats are nocturnal, so I put a dish of water in there and I figure he would fly out when he wanted too.

He was in there the next day, so I called a local bat expert for help. She said that he was probably stuck in there.

The thing about bats is that they cannot take off from the ground like birds. Bats need a little bit of height to start their flight. My high walled sink had trapped him in there.

Bats are good climbers and will climb up trees, caves walls. There need for a little height for take off is why we see them hanging on rafters, under bridges, trees, caves etc…

So I ended up putting the cute little bat in a shoe box and setting him next to a tree. He quickly hung onto the tree, and climbed up a little. He then jumped off and flew away.

I wore gloves to prevent being bit. He was not happy about it and he made the cutest little high pitched sound.

Contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind.

What should you do if you have bats in your house?

For starters, remember that bats are our friends.

Bats eat insects that are harmful to crops like moths and they are major mosquito eaters. A bat can eat over a 1000 mosquitos in an hour, which can put your bug zapper to shame.

Bats turn those insect pests into garden gold called guano, a prized fertilizer for gardeners.

If you do have bats in your house the key is exclusion techniques, not poisonous extermination. Exclusion is a process of sealing up your house to prevent bats from getting in.

Extermination will only work on the short term because other bats will get in and it creates a toxic risk to your family.

Bats unfortunately are declining in numbers, so there is a movement to bat conservation that includes home owners and bats putting up bat houses.

Bat Box

I noticed that County Farm Park has several bat houses up.


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