Occupy Wall Street: Even More Occupy Wall Street T-shirts

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OK. That makes 15 designs. (chuckles)

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is starting to gain some energy in Ann Arbor. There is a small group of campers in Liberty Plaza in Down Town.

There is a meeting on Thursday, so I will see if the group has gotten bigger, or kicked out for that matter.

I assume that it will eventually move inside when the weather gets colder with more organized rallies instead of camping, but I could be wrong.

Maybe camping out in all sorts of weather in protest is a strong statement and it will continue.

OWS is still very new and it does not seem to fit into a nice media package like the tea party did.

I think that makes the media want to talk about it even more.

See SNL video parody of Mayor Bloomberg

The coverage is very piece meal with journalist asking one or a few people why they are their at various “camp ins” and receiving a lot of different answers.

My understanding is that it is not about support of a certain piece of legislation or party. It feels more like what happened in Egypt where the people rallied to change things at the top, but I speculate.

I am having fun making T-shirts.

T-shirt ideas are welcomed.



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