Occupy Wall Street: More T-shirts

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OK. I have been on An Occupy Wall Street T-shirt design bender for a few days now.

Ann Arbor had their own Occupy gathering last Thursday at Liberty Plaza at 6:00 PM. I think they will meeting same time every week.

There were about 200 people at the rally. It was more of a huge meeting than a rally with people dividing into structured groups to coordinate the various aspects of organizing larger rallies and “occupations” of public spaces to support the movement.

As of yet, no one is camping out in the park as far as I know or in Ann Arbor for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. It is starting to get cold at night.

On the food end (this is a food blog after all) I read an article in the New York Times about how well the Wall Street Protesters are eating.

Want to Get Fat on Wall Street? Try Protesting
By JEFF GORDINIER Published: October 11, 2011

Since the protests began in September, nearby restaurants have experienced a strange uptick in phone calls and online orders, many of them coming from other parts of the world. Telly Liberatos, 29, the owner of Liberatos Pizza on Cedar Street in the Financial District, said he has received orders from places like Germany, France, England, Italy and Greece, as well as every region of the United States.

They have grown so big that they are looking for a commercial kitchen

Ms. Ferrara said they had begun looking for a nearby kitchen they could use to prepare all the perishable food coming in; that might reduce the need to rely on takeout. “We’re hoping to find a donated space,” she said. “A better, more professional space so that we can cater to the needs of our growing family, and prepare better meals, basically.”

And they even get NYC Deli. I am jealous.

At Katz’s, the deli on Houston Street, “thousands of dollars” in Occupy Wall Street orders have been coming “from customers who are sympathetic to the cause,” said Alan Dell, one of the owners. The deli has sent pastrami, brisket, corned beef and turkey sandwiches, as well as heaps of pickles, potato salad and coleslaw. “The potato latkes don’t travel well because there’s no way to heat them up again,” Mr. Dell said.

And Organic Cookies like I make and sell at the Farmers Market

Bob Reich, who once worked for Birdbath Bakery in Manhattan, appeared in the encampment a few minutes before 7 p.m. bearing bags of freshly baked cookies. “The ingredients are as organic as we can get them,” he said.

The first few protesters in line for dinner would, it seemed, enjoy an upscale dessert course. Why had Mr. Reich made the effort? “Because I support what people are doing here,” he said. “And who doesn’t love a cookie?”

This movement is really too new to say where it will go, but I like the community food aspect and I will mentioned to the local group to feature a potluck at the weekly get together.

Part of my take on Occupy Wall Street is that we have to start taking care of each other, while we are working to create change.

Big business and stalemated Gov’t does not seem up to the job, but I feel that we can’t just drop out and let them off the hook. If we want change, we must work to change these flawed systems.

Part of taking care of each other is sharing good home made food.

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3 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: More T-shirts

  1. Any percentage going to feed the people?

    • I just started posting these a few days ago. The sales are not big, but I plan to contribute food to the protestors who are camping out locally. T-shirt sales will help in that effort.



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