New Year New Resolution: Weight Loss

It is the new year and that means for many resolutions and that means for many weight loss.

Many will make and break resolutions and others will not make them at all thinking they do not work, but last Sunday’s New York Times reported that over 50% of people who make them actually keep them. I like those numbers.

So here goes.

OK. I admit it. I am overweight. Below is a picture taken last year around this time. The plan was to loose weight and be fitter, but I did not.

Today I weight about the same as the picture below, 237.5 Lbs (from my weight-in at Weight Watchers

Before 235 Pounds

I know a few people who went to Weight Watchers and had success, so this year I thought I would give it a try.

So what is the plan and were does my weight loss and this blog fit in?

The plan is pretty simple. I will attend Weight watchers once a week, follow the program and then report on this blog my results. (Thursday or Friday)

I will also still be talking a big food game on the blog and share recipes, but with a cooking light theme and for those on weight watchers folks, I will provide the “Points.”

Seared Pork Loin with mashed sweet potatoes w/butter and maple and saute apples and onions w/rosemary

My Resolution:

I resolve to live a healthy lifestyle (based in part in weight watchers) and to lose weight with the reasonable goal of loosing 1/2 to 2 pounds a week average toward  my goal weight of 165 pounds. (72.5 Pounds)




4 responses to “New Year New Resolution: Weight Loss

  1. Good luck! I lost 55 lbs on WW, and have kept most of it off for 4 years. (I’m working on shaving off a few holiday pounds now.) One of the most important things I had to accept in order to the lose the weight was that it’s okay to be hungry sometimes. I don’t think it’s possible to do it otherwise – especially in the early days, when your body is recalibrating what it’s used to. Like right now… it’s over an hour before dinner, and my stomach is growling. It would be easy to go grab a bag of chips from the kitchen at work, but I’m not going to. (I think I will grab a clementine, though – I have to taste wine before I eat tonight, so seems smart not to go into that on a totally empty stomach!)

    • Congrats on your WL Tammy.

      WW is a little different these days. WW now figure fruits and veggies are zero points except potato and avocado, which for me works great. I keep fruit around to grab when I get hungry. Figuring out all of the points take some work. I have a weigh in tomorrow.

      • Thanks! I am familiar with the new program. It is really nice that they made fruits and veggies free. The new program does make it a little harder to calculate points on the fly, but the website has a good calculator, and I found that I eventually got a pretty good intuitive sense about how many points something might be.

  2. I hope you succeed! I really think that something has happened to the quality of our food over the years, because we really aren’t eating that much differently, yet the number of overweight people is sky-rocketing. I heard weight watchers was pretty good, so I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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