Weight: 231.4


I lost five pounds this week.

The woman behind the Weight Watcher’s counter said “Wow” during my weigh in.

They give you stars when you reach a certain weight loss target.  I got my five pound star shown above.

I am glad for the high score, but where did the weight loss come from? I did not exercise much this week. (water weight?)

And this week was waffle cake week when I had 4 big waffle batter pancakes with butter and maple syrup.

I think my weight loss might have more to do with what I don’t eat then what I have been.

Since starting, I have given up soda, and my vending machine snack habit. I also used to hit up the EMU lunch buffet pretty hard with sugar cereal, burgers and often a snack/dessert. It is all one price there and they have soft serve and toppings. And then there was my daily cookie habit.

I do not expect to keep losing five pounds a week, but will takes this week’s success and enjoy it especially when the time may come when I may gain or hit a plateau.

One response to “Weight: 231.4

  1. That’s great! But beware of putting much emphasis on the week to week gain or loss. It’s easy to place too much weight (pun?) on each week’s weigh-in and get either too complacent and/or risky when you lose a few and discouraged when you don’t. Long term, sustainable weight loss is your real goal. Keep it up! It sounds like you are running through a minefield at Eastern. 🙂

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