Weigh in: Week Three 234.2 (Plus 2.8)

OK. Last week I had a five pound weight loss. I was happy, but I took it as unreasonable (dilussional) and now I see that weigh in as possibly unrealiable.

I had about the same clothes on and I eat about the same this week, maybe even less than the week before. The five pounds in one week seemed odd because I had not really been exercising yet with my program and even if I had it would still be wierd.

I am not training to run a marathon.

This week, I got on a different scale at Weight Watchers. There are four scales at the front desk.  And I wondered if the scales are rid different, but I did not want to be one of those people who blames the scale or questions the program.

No one complains when they lose weight if that scale is wrong, right?

But I do think something is off. Either last week weigh in was bogus or this weeks was, but I am so new with this that I cannot say.

My weight loss for three weeks is 3.2 pounds, which seems more reasonable. I am still in a good average of over one pound a week.

With this said, I do question my weigh in. Is there a difference from scale to scale and if so, why weigh in at WW at all if the results can vary?

I can always weight in at the gym on the same scale every week.


2 responses to “Weigh in: Week Three 234.2 (Plus 2.8)

  1. We keep a digital scale in the bathroom. we weigh in, in the morning right after we pee. no clothes or night clothes that are the same, underwear and tshirt. More accurate that way. digital scales are pretty cheap these days. Any intake, liquids especially can throw off your weight, a heavy meal, like pizza can throw it off. Take an average for the week. My 2 pence.

  2. Interesting thought. I wonder if the scales are calibrated at WW? I guess the main thing to hold on to is steady weight loss. Don’t let the issue sabotage you. Let your clothes tell you. The scale can be your friend or your enemy. Gaining muscle is another given when you are exercising.

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