Things that weigh 75 pounds

My goal is to lose 70-75 pounds, so that got me thinking about what weighs 75 pounds.

Here is a list.

1) $34019 US dollar bills (around $453 per pound)
2) Average Alaskan Malamute Husky Dog
3) Average Weight of 11 year old boy
4) 100 cans of Beer
5) a little less than a bag of concrete
6) 2 1/2 cinder blocks
7) 12 1/2 red bricks
8) 300 apples
9) 37,500 plain M&Ms
10) 5 High Performance Racing Bicycles
11) 247.5 Wigs
12) 960 Matchbox cars
13) 300 average weight kittens
14) 1440 AA Batteries
15) 3600 comic books
16) Around 54 bibles
17) 4037 gum balls
18) 300 Sticks of Butter
19) 5-10  Large Hams
20) 262,500 Bees

4 responses to “Things that weigh 75 pounds

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. So, I googled “What weighs 75 pounds?” to put that amount in practical terms, and the conventional answers have been “a 75 lb bag of potatoes, or a 75 lb barbell.” One could imagine my frustration at such pith.

    You are my hero, whoever you are!

  3. Happy to find out I’m not the only one to google “items weighing 75 pounds”. LOL! Having lost 74 right now, I wanted to know. Thank you so much. 60 lbs is an elephant’s penis. hehe

  4. Came across this in my google search for “things that weigh 75 lbs”. Haha! I lost 76 lbs, and have quite a ways to go, but was curious to put into perspective my loss. So thank you for doing that for me! 🙂

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