Weigh in: (up 4.2)

I am up 4.2 pounds???

The deal with weigh-ins is that you want to weigh less or at least stay the same. My weigh-ins have been a roller coaster.

Last week I had a 5.4 pound loss. A few weeks before that I had also had a 5 pound weekly loss only to have gains the next few weeks.

I felt good to have the loss last week, but I felt that it will be followed by a gain while doing the same thing I did the week before.

My weight loss could really only be water weight, which can change from week to week, but does not result is real weight loss.

These big weekly loses followed by big weekly gains makes me question the process or at least the scale. Each week they seem to bring in a new scale.

And being six weeks in I wonder if I will stick with WW or find another system.

I mean I can get a scale and weigh myself once a week. And I feel that WW is simply food journaling and calorie counting in disquising with Points. You still have to look everything or use a special calulator.

Maybe if I had a weight watcher buddy, I would feel better and more accountable.

I have been better at avoiding snacks, eating more fruit and staying away from soda.

But, I am one high weekly weigh-in from being where I started.

9 responses to “Weigh in: (up 4.2)

  1. I’m on the Dukan Diet… I have my own scale and the rules for Dukan are weigh daily. This keeps me in check of what is working and what isn’t. I know when I’ve not had enough water, or not done 30 minutes of walking or had too many carbs… the scale tells me every morning. I think this has been the key to my success. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the support.

      Daily weigh-in??? Man, that sound like a lot. I can barely stand the drama of weekly.


      • A weigh in shouldn’t be full of drama… it should make you happy 😀 I woke up this morning and discovered I’ve crossed the 70 pounds off mark… If I get up and realize I’ve gained 1/2 pound, I re-evaluate the day before and make adjustments… seems simple to me. It’s been difficult, but I’ve learned to love my scale and what it tells me… even on days when it tells me something I don’t want to see… LOL

  2. I definitely think you should get a scale for home and not rely on an ever-changing cast of WW scales. Definitely sounds suspect.

    The advantage for me of WW over just straight up calorie counting was that once you got a general sense of how many points things were, it was easy to at least estimate mystery food. This was important for me living in cohousing, where I was eating at common meals and not having total knowledge of what was in a dish. Now, that was on the old Points system, and maybe this new one is less intuitive. And you’re right – it’s really all just food journaling and calorie counting (although the WW system has some built in incentives for eating healthier food that isn’t true of calorie counting).

    I never did real WW – I just got the materials and counted points on my own, didn’t go to meetings and that sort of thing.

    Good luck! I’m rooting for you.

    • Thanks Tammy,

      I signed up for 20 weeks, so I am going to stick it out till then with the weigh-ins and meeting. But I do think that I will weigh-in at my gym too, which has a professional scale. I figure it will get me to the gym and I can at least measure by the same scale.

      I do a lot of estimating about points too. I have a digital scale and measure out points by weight when I am at home, which can be a project every time you want a slice of cheese,bread,turkey etc…


  3. Brian,you sound discouraged and like I would sound. I think that the weight watchers program has become more complicated over the years and maybe harder to gleen results from.WAY BACK when it was fairly simple.Had to eat liver once. A week, only one apple or banana a week, tuna a lot,1 tbs of Mayo, etc. Sugar was out, as was much fat. No real “rewards” so to speak.Snacks were celery and grit. Simple right. Lots of tuna,packed in water. Excercise never mentioned. I got to goal and learner good eating habits that lasted to years. Then I got older, less active and fatter. Married with husband who doesn’t have a clue about what to eat. Hard to resist what he wants.Bad excuse, I know.
    Maybe try writing down every bite, stop eating pastas and margarine and booze. Start having a dull food life. Hard for you I know! Do you ever feel it is to weight watcher’s advantage to keep you losing slow and tempted by their “extras”?

    • Marilyn,

      I assume that weight watchers wants you to loose weight and be successful. And I do like the fact they you can eat more (points) when you weight more and not the other way around. They could suggests super low points for quicker Weight loss, but they don’t.

      This may keep people losing slower, but I do think it is better in the long run…but I am a little frustrated with my progress.

  4. I’m in Ann Arbor, and I just went to my first WW meeting on Friday. Drop me a line.

  5. Hey Brian, tripped across your site when I saw the great photo of your beef & bean burritos with a lovely sliced apple on the plate. I am an apple orchardist in Canada, have a dusty old Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, and just want to send words of encouragement. Don’t stress over the weight gain week to week. The one thing they NEVER tell you on Biggest Loser is that muscle weighs more than fat. During the last weeks of the show, they chastise people for gaining a pound or two despite working out and seriously watching calories. The deal is that they gained muscle WHILE losing fat, never a bad thing.

    You keep on preparing all the healthy foods you love, from scratch, keep on your exercise plan, and don’t worry about small changes in the day-to-day. Eating a fresh apple or any fruit or veg alongside your regular entrees is an awesome strategy. If you really want to know how you’re doing, use a tape measure and not a scale.

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