Brian Steinberg is a cooking instructor, an avid gardener, a fermentation hobbyist, local food eater and home cook.

After a stint with growing microgreens, Brian is planning to venture into the world of Mushroom growing, which he will make available for sale to restaurants and at farmers markets.

His latest food project, like many Americans, is weight loss.

Part of that is 100% whole wheat baking, his latest challenge.

Follow along with Brian with his Weight Loss and Foodie Journey.

9 responses to “About

  1. Hey really awesome site! we love learning bout the fresh local eats and we’re definitely gonna enjoy ur posts 😀

  2. Hi Brian,
    Great to hear from you and I’ll follow your blog. Just back from NYC, healthy restaurant heaven. I like your blog name and explanation.

  3. Hello Brian,
    Just found your blog and am enjoying reading! I knew exactly what ‘last one eating’ meant since I too was left still eating after my family was all done and dishes were cleared 😉

  4. glad to have found your site! hope to check you out at the farmer’s market one day!

  5. Hey, finally figured out how to follow you via facebook. You have inspired me to do something like what you are doing, only in Oklahoma. God bless ya and keep up the good work!

  6. Hello – I just wanted to give you quick shout-out to say I enjoy the things you post. I’ve created a page on my site for local A2 blogs. You’re now included. My traffic isn’t massive, but new eyes are bound to find your blog. If that bums you out let me know and I’ll take down your link. If that’s cool – rock on. In either case – be well.



  7. Brian. I am using this site. I think you may like it. Price is right, makes sense, doable. I like these people, not a bunch of hype.

  8. Hi! Please check out my new restaurant, Elevation Burger, which just opened this week here in Ann Arbor. We serve 100% organic grass-fed ground-on-premises beef burgers, 6-month aged sharp cheddar, organic bacon, delicious veggie and vegan burgers, fresh cut fries cooked in 100% olive oil, thick hand scooped milk shakes and more! We are located at 3365 Washtenaw Ave, a few doors down the hill from Arborland. We’d love to get your review!

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