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Weight: 231.4


I lost five pounds this week.

The woman behind the Weight Watcher’s counter said “Wow” during my weigh in.

They give you stars when you reach a certain weight loss target.  I got my five pound star shown above.

I am glad for the high score, but where did the weight loss come from? I did not exercise much this week. (water weight?)

And this week was waffle cake week when I had 4 big waffle batter pancakes with butter and maple syrup.

I think my weight loss might have more to do with what I don’t eat then what I have been.

Since starting, I have given up soda, and my vending machine snack habit. I also used to hit up the EMU lunch buffet pretty hard with sugar cereal, burgers and often a snack/dessert. It is all one price there and they have soft serve and toppings. And then there was my daily cookie habit.

I do not expect to keep losing five pounds a week, but will takes this week’s success and enjoy it especially when the time may come when I may gain or hit a plateau.

Weight Watchers Points Overhaul: Fruits and Vegetables are Zero Points

I am new to Weight Watchers, so when I heard that the points system had been overhauled I did not think much of it. But many in the program were up in arms.

From: Weight Watchers Upends Its Points System, by ELISSA GOOTMAN New York Times

“I just have one question,” the woman said. “How much is a potato latke? I need to know for tonight.”

“If I lived in the Caribbean, maybe I’d be able to make goal,” said Susan J. Slotkis, 64, an interior designer at the Park Avenue South meeting on Wednesday. “The pineapple is great; all the fruits are fresh; you’re never tempted to drink juice.” In the new system, oranges are free, but eight ounces of orange juice cost three points.

When my brother did WW, he had to account for fruit and veggies. A running joke at Weight Watchers meetings is how members rally against veggies.

“I don’t want to be forced to choose veggies. I do NOT like veggies or fruit,” one member wrote in an online discussion on the Weight Watchers Web site. “I feel like I am being forced to ‘diet,’ and that is what I DO NOT WANT.”

Does this mean you can eat all the fruit you want?

“We’re not talking about running home with a wheelbarrow full of grapes from a vineyard,” Lauren Cohen, a Weight Watchers group leader cautioned.

The saving grace seems to be bananas. Apples and Bananas used to be 2 Points, but now they are zero. Bananas and apples have been my go-to when I am hungry. You gotta love the idea of zero points food.

The free fruits and veggies works for me because I am a avid fruit and veggie fan having been a vegetarian for a while and practice macrobiotics for a spell.

Fruits and veggies are the best stuff on earth. They are healthy and great for us, so what is with the rebellion against them?

I figure it has to do with cooking. Many people do not cook, so when they eat fruits and especially veggies they are frozen or canned, which work in a pinch, but do not compare to fresh.

Think canned v. fresh green beans. We had canned green beans growing up and I hated them, but when I had my first fresh green bean I loved them. Go figure.