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Back Forty Acres Chelsea Michigan Has Beef

I got this email from Back Forty Acres in Chelsea. They are offering beef for a limited time.

Picture from Back forty acres website


picture from back forty acres website

Greeting from Back Forty Acres,

Winter has just about run it’s course, but as we saw this weekend, it’s
still packing a little punch!

We are pleased to make offer of beef to you, custom cut to your
specifications, in the amount of a quarter, half or whole beef.  This beef
raised right next door to Back Forty Acres. Our neighbor has been farming
his whole life. He raises Angus cattle, grass fed and finished with corn.
He uses all natual farming methods and does not use any growth hormones or
antibiotics. We have sold his beef for a couple years now and have had
good results.

Right now one steer remains available from this group and the price is
$2.45/lb hanging weight, plus processing. These are going to the processor
next week and will be ready for you Mid March.

Typcially, a quarter beef, with processing will cost a total of about $450
to $500 depending on the size of the steer. The amount of finished product
packaged meat you will get from a quarter is about 110-125 lbs.

If you would like to get some of this beef, please let us know and we will
work to fill your order on a first come first serve basis. If this one is
sold out, we will have some coming up soon, from the other cattle farmer
that we are working with. The price on the next batch will be $2.60/lb.

If you have any other questions, please contact Larry, by email at
larry@backfortyacres.com, or cell phone, 734-260-1540.

Thank you,
Larry Doll