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Bee Roads in England

‘Bee Roads’: UK Creating Network Of Wildflowers To Boost Declining Bee Population, by MEERA SELVA

LONDON — Farmers and landowners are being asked to plant rows of wildflowers along the edges of England’s fields to create a network of “bee roads” to boost declining numbers.

Conservationists said Tuesday they hope the wildflowers will provide food and shelter for wild bees, honeybees and butterflies, which play a crucial role in pollinating crops.

This is some good news for what has been bad news for the bees for years. When you take someones food supply (flowers) and pave it over for citys, mini malls and mono crops, there is little wonder why they not doing as well.

But we gardeners can do our part by planting a row of flower for bees this year.

Dedicate some of your garden this year for native wild flower plants and then sit back and watch the bees come.

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