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Boycott BP: The Station Owners Part 2

Readers of this blog will know about my BP Boycott. My previous post went into a lot of the why’s, of the Boycott.  I addressed a major criticism with a BP Boycott, which is how it will affect the Independent BP Station Owners. It has been suggested by various articles (See Newsweek), and even from people on the street when I protest that Boycotting the BP stations only hurts the independent owners, and not BP, and thus taking the whole point away from the BP Boycott.

I considered this then I saw this pie chart printed on another gas stations pump. Note where this information is coming from. It is from the NACS, the National Association of Convenience and Petroleum Retailer. The idea behind the this chart from the gas station retail industry is to say:

Don’t blame the gas station for the high gas prices. It is not our fault because we do not make much money.

Lets look at these numbers:

58% for the crude oil (Which will go to BP)
17% for refining (Also going to BP)
14% in taxes (to pay for the up keep on road we drive on)
9% retail and distribution cost with %20 of that going to credit card companies
1% Lastly, the station owner will take in only %1 income from the sale of gas

So this means that of the $20 I spent today to fill up at a non-BP station, the owner takes in $.20.

So really the station owners do not make their money from the gas. They make way more off of the slushees, chips, beer, wine, lottery tickets, soda, candy, cigarette, ice cream, pork rinds, and hot dogs etc…

BP or other gas companies by contrasts will take in %75 from the sale. In the case of my last gas purchase $15 of $20. Of course not all of that is profit, but the record profits that all oil companies have seen come from these numbers.

And how did oil companies like BP make record profit and keep as much of my $15 dollars as possible? Their profit comes from in part from saving money by not spending it on safety R&D, and by hiring lobbyist to pay off politician to keep the profits coming.

So if all the oil companies are lax on safety why demonize BP right?

Because of the oil spill disaster in the gulf, and BP as far as the US is concern, is the worse oil company by far. The economic and environmental impact for the US will far out shines all other oil companies.

So if you are mad at BP, but do not want to hurt the gas station owners get your gas at another station, and buy your convenience stuff at an independent BP stations if you must. But won’t that just hurt the other gas station whose company did not create the worse environmental disaster in US history?

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Ann Arbor BP Boycott Three

I was downtown on Saturday with my sign positioned outside of the peoples food co-op. There was a festival going on on that block, and the farmers market, so the foot traffic was high. I had only good responses. Unlike before where a person said, “If we boycott they cannot pay for the spill.” Last week BP spent 50 million on TV ads to spin their image, and 10 billion to pay out dividends to share holder as a bribe to prevent a massive sell off, and share holder lawsuits.

I still see people driving into BP station in this town like robots. The stations are everywhere, so I get it is all about convenience. Maybe they do not watch the news, or they do not connect with the place they by gas, and the people who caused the worse environmental disaster in US history.

Most of the money BP makes is not at the pump. The have big institution contracts with our military to supply jet fuel. Will that fact make our gov’t cave, and not go for disembarment, a process of basically kicking out a corporation from doing business in the US, and receiving gov’t contracts? Who knows.

Between the grossly inflated gas prices under Bush, and the hugh demand to feed our wars (which are in part oil related), the oil companies have made record profits in the last few years.

Part of those profit went to an army of lobbyists who created a “cozy relationship” to deregulate the industry for safety. In other words to drill deeper without spending money on clean up technology.

The result is that we have ruined the coastline of at least four of our states, and set the stage for huge dead zones in the ocean. Not to mention the fall out of people getting sick.

Will BP pay. Not if they do not have too. Their share holder got 10 billion this year, but it will remain to be seen how much BP will pay. As little as possible I figure because companies are about the bottom line not social responsibility.