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Michael Symon: Roast Restaurant Detroit

Ann Arbor FoodEmily and I ventured out in the cold to go to Michael Symon’s Roast. People may know Symon from Food Network fame Iron Chef America.

We have been meaning to go to Roast for a while, so when our eight year anniversary came around, we jumped at the chance.

The decor was very simple. (More Picture on Roast’s Facebook page)There is a bar in the front with a impressive 15 foot glass wine case. There was a bar lounge area, a single private dining table closed off by a glass wall next to the hostess station and a dining room off from the bar area.

The stand out for the decor was a large open kitchen, which featured a large roasting spit (shown above). They were roasting a whole goat the night we were there.

Ann Arbor Food

Beef Cheek Pierogie horseradish & mushrooms

We started out with the Beef Cheek Pierogie horseradish & mushrooms $12. They were recommended by dinners on Yelp. They were tasty and very rich and satisfying. In fact I could have had an order of them and one of the many sides and been very happy.

Ann Arbor Food

Roast of the Day

For my meal I had the roast of the day, which was lamb.

It was so tender and rich, just the thing for a cold Detroit night. It came with a mint and parsley salad and pickled onions.

Emily had the Lamb Ragu pappardelle, chili, roasted tomatoes, fennel $24.

Ann Arbor Food

Lamb Ragu pappardelle, chili, roasted tomatoes, fennel

It came with tasty, fat noodles and a hearty sauce.

Ann Arbor Food

Fried Brussel Sprouts

For the sides, we ordered the fried brussels sprouts, another yelp recommendation, and the Mac N Cheese.

The brussels sprouts were fried in beef fat and came with a balsamic vinaigrette and walnuts. The combination of the dressing, the beef fat and the sweetness of the brussels sprouts made us think it tasted like an asian dish.

Ann Arbor Food

Mac n Cheese

For dessert we had a pear sorbet. The texture was so creamy that I figured it was more like sherbet, but the waiter assured us that there was no diary in it.

Ann Arbor Food

Pear Sorbet

Ann Arbor Food


The food was good. It was so rich, that we ended up taking most of it home for lunch the next day. Maybe the next time I go, I will have to order a salad to cut the rich sides and meat entrees.

Emily and I do not drink wine, so we cannot take advantage of wine to cut the richness of the food.

1128 Washington Blvd.Detroit, Michigan 48226
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Phone: (313) 961-2500

Online Reservations
General Manager:
Frank Ritz

Bar opens at 4pm daily
Monday – Thursday
5pm – 10pm
Friday & Saturday
5pm – 11pm
Sunday: 5pm – 9pm