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Easy Bake Oven

I was helping some one move the other day, and in the stuff to get rid of was a new easy-bake oven. I never had one before, so I asked if I could have it. It is a newer looking model like the picture here, and not the retro mini oven that I remember from the commercials as a kid.

There is definitely a little girl vibe to the thing which has a lot of pink utensils. With all of the cooking hype to be a TV chef theses days from Top Chef to food network shows, I could see little boys getting into the easy bake too.

There is a whole line of packaged mixes for the oven. I tried the chocolate cookies mix and they were…um…kind of weird tasting. But doing a little research I found a bunch of from scratch recipes. King Arthur Flour did a test of the oven, and found that it provides a consistent temp of 347 degrees. The heat source is a 100 watt light bulb.

So basically, you can use just about any cookie, cake, or brownie recipe, even mini pizzas and use the oven. The limitation of course is that you have to use the mini baking pans that fit the oven. King Arthur figures about a 1/4 cup of batter can fit in the little pan.

I have seen a recipe that uses 3 TBS of any packaged cake mix with 1 TBS of milk as a standard.

There are also a few books with recipes:

The EBO Gourmet is a collection of recipes from famous chefs from Rick Bayles to Bobby Flay. It seems like a book for adults fans of the EBO.

The Baking with Mommy cookbook is more geared toward EBO cooking with kids

I plan to bring my easy bake to pot lucks as a kid crowd pleaser. And if possible, and I can get a few more ovens (anyone in Ann Arbor with a working EBO they want to donate?), I plan to offer a class locally on cooking with an EBO.

Feel free to share any easy bake oven stories.