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Jewish Deli World Tour: Flakowitz Deli of Boynton Beach Florida

Ann Arbor Food

I like to joke with Emily that I am waiting for someone to come up with the “Jewish Deli” diet for health and weight loss. That would be a diet I could stick too. If such a diet existed, it would be based on the offerings of several iconic NY style delis like Zabars in NY and Flakowitz in Boynton Beach Florida. These places are the real deal.

Flakowitz is located around the corner from my Father’s house in Boynton Beach. The place has lines to get in on most days and their deli counter is the stuff of legends. When my brother Andrew comes to Florida, he calls in his order when he gets off of the plane and picks it up first before going to my father’s house.

Ann Arbor Food

I grew up in NJ and like many NJ/NY Jewish exiles, we all crave good jewish deli food. So when we find it, we attack.

Yes, we do have Zingermans here and they do a good job with many items.

I was kind of at a disadvantage going to Flakowitz this time because I was just getting over a cold and I was trying to eat lighter. With that said, I did manage to get some great offerings.

The first was a cup of Matzoh Ball soup and a half corned beef on rye sandwich. Before you even start your meal, they bring out light marble cinnamon cake pieces cut into small cubes.

Why doesn’t every restaurant do that?

We were so taken by this light cake that we were thinking of making it to sell at the Farmers Market this summer.

Ann Arbor Food

Cake seemed to be a theme in Florida. We noticed that the Whole Foods in Boynton Beach featured a cake/dessert bar along with their hot prep foods.

I have never seen a dessert bar in any other Whole Foods.

We were back a few days later to get bagels and some items for a Deli take out lunch. Emily got a Knish and I got bagels, some white fish salad and a individual chocolate Babka.

Individual Chocolate Babka?

These folks are geniuses.

Other offering were smoked fish, kosher pickles, all sorts of NY style cookies, cakes and pastry, take out soups, Deli Meats and Bread and all manner of NY Jewish Deli-ness.

Tel. (561) 742-4144
7410 W Boynton Beach Blvd,
Boynton Beach, FL 33437-6156