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Pie is the New Cupcake?


I came across this article in the NY Times about how pie can be the next big dessert like the cupcake trend.

And Yes as a person who makes and sells pies I have to agree.

Here are my reason why the humble pie can be the next big thing.

1) Pie fits in better with the local food trend/movement with local fruits and nuts
2) Hand or Pocket pies can have the same appeal for a one serving dessert like cupcakes
3) Pies can be a warm/hot dessert, which unlike cupcakes have to be served at room temp
4) Seasonality: Pies work on hot days, cold days and every other day
5) Most of the pies out there are mass produced crap, so stand alone professional pie shops will stand out
6) Pies can also be made savory, which can lend itself to an entire pie themed restaurant
7) Lets not forget fried pies. They can be made to order and served bubbling hot with ice cream
8 Did I mention I make and sell pies
9) There is a movie called American Pie not American cupcake
10) Did I mention Ice Cream? Both ice cream and pie can be paired for a huge variety of tasty combinations
11) Then there are ice cream pies with a  graham cracker, vanilla wafer or oreo cookie crust, which can include sauces and toppings like a sunday for kids
12) Pie is sexy. Having your sweetie warm up a piece of pie with some ice cream after some lovin sounds better than a cupcake

OK. The thing about pie is that it is tricky to make unlike cupcake which has instant mixes and store bought frostings.

So in order for pies to take off, good pie has to made easier. For example, there needs to be artisan pie dough available in the freezer section in a roll-your-own flat disk shapes and not a pre-made, pre-size pie crust sold in a tin. This will allow for more flexible on the shape, size and use of the dough.

Speaking of pre-made pie crust. I think that they can be sold in single severing sizes too in say 4-8 servings or round disks like wonton wrappers to make single serving pocket pies.

Then their is filling and sauces. There are a ton of crap pie filling out there. In order for pie to take off, it has to be both made easier and made good with good ingredients. Like other artisan hand-made food product businesses out their like say salsa, jams and sauces, pie filling can be another food products business that can take off.

Farmers Markets can be a buzz with venders selling pie jarred filling.

Lastly, pie has to be available in more places than out of the way family restaurant. This means places like coffee shops, ice cream parlors and all manor of upscale eateries along with stand alone hip pie bakeries will need to get pie on the menu.

Local pie bakeries can extends their products to coffee shops and ice cream parlors that can quickly warmed up pies to be served along side ice cream or coffee. I for one would like a hot fruit pie in the morning instead of a muffin.