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Have Foodies Gone too Far?

A recent article in the NYT, Grass-Fed-up, takes a snarky jab at how some foodies have taken cooking to a game of oneupmanship.

The article starts with a tongue and cheek lament about how farmers markets used to be the domain of mostly chefs and a handful of others, but now are overcrowded with foodies who are selective and educated about food.

It goes on to talk about how a few mere civilians are starting to talk a foodie game and cook for themselves. The thrust of the piece is a under current of foodie oneupmanship, which makes some party goers uncomfortable.

The article talked about people bringing homemade ice cream to a party, elaborate 20 course meals to impress a date and an undercooked pork roast, which made guest sick.

The gist is that some party guests felt uncomfortable going to parties because of the fear of criticism they might receive from evil foodies about the dish they brought.

Well, all of this is really nothing new. People have brought expansive wine to parties to impress and those who could cook, cooked to fed their egos and receive praise.

So is the problem that there are too many food snobs out there?

I would say no.

Bring on the snobs I say!!!!

Most of the food in America is fast food and process food tasteless crap.

Maybe by insisting on high standards and striving to create good food, even if their is a oneupmanship aspect to it, the Foodies can make things better for the rest.

So maybe a few Foodies buy a Thomas Keller cookbook and actually cook from it. I say bring it on. I would love to taste it.

And as far as farmers markets being too crowded, as a farmer who sells at a market, all I can say is I wish.

I wish the farmers markets are as crowded as the author jokes about.

I am waiting for the day when every table at the farmers market is sold out by closing time.

Then we will know that the foodies have truly taken over.

Foodies Unite. The Revolution will be Tasty.