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French farmer jailed in shooting over truffles

Here is a link to a story I read today.

Truffles AP

I am not sure I mentioned it before, but I have been obsessed with the idea of starting a truffle farm in the US. One of the set backs besides not having a farm, or the money or the experience, is that I live in Michigan, which is zoned too cold to grow them.

Most think that truffles are a luck of the draw crop. Growers have to hunt for the semi precious food and they consider themselves fortunate if they have this king of mushrooms growing on their farm. Truffles can run $500-1000 a pound.

So, when I received my territorial seed catalog and saw that they were offering hazelnut tree that were inoculated with a french truffle, I saw my truffle farm in the US as a distinct possibility.

Oh, sure it will take 3-7 years before I get a single mushroom, and the investment would be huge, but I would be growing truffles.

I can see it now, Me and Emily on our mostly hobby farm with a few animals for show, a great veggie garden, and few yurts out back for a farmy tourism B and B, or rather Yurt and B. We would also feature a farmy gift shop. But the real business would be the truffles. I would invite great chefs from across the country for harvest season to come to the farm and cook meals for me and my friends in exchange for a basket of fresh picked truffles.

Then of course a wake up from  my dream.

But this article, which talks about a french truffle farmer shooting and killing a would be truffle thief puts a damper on my plan (more like a fancy for now).

My pristine valley of dwarf hazelnut trees with truffles would require penitentiary style fencing and security if I were to not suffer a run on my truffles from would be thieves.

Of course none of this has happened and I am still in the fancy stage, but this story of a French truffle farmer needed to defend his farm to tragic results puts a little damper on the plan.