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Microgreen Attack

Ann Arbor Food

Above is a picture of containers that were full of sprouting seeds that were to be planted for microgreen trays. As you can see the containers were thrown on the ground from the table where they sat, and the tops were ripped open exposing the seed to dry out. The culprit is still unknown, but he/she did get into my deer fence, fenced in garden, and managed to knock over my container that were topped with bricks.

What could have it been? My bet is a raccoon, or some crazy drifter who likes to sneak into gardens to mess with stuff to drive gardeners crazy. And lets not leave out possible visits from extra terrestrial being. Maybe I should get NASA in on my garden attack. The result unfortunately is yet more seed that will not become microgreens for sale at the market this year

This has been a major learning year, with some successes, a bunch of set backs, and a few experiments.

The plan next year to grow all of my greens in wire cages.