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Growing Mushrooms at Home: Take two

There are a few ways to grow mushrooms at home. The first is by finding a fresh hardwood log, drilling holes, and hammering inoculated plugs into the holes, and covering with wax. Another other way is to use the method shown here. Straw has been boiled (distilled), place in a bag, and then it is inoculated with a mushroom spore. In this case oyster mushrooms. Holes are poked into the bag, so mushrooms can grow through.

I did not go through this process myself. I purchased this from a vendor at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. The instructions were to put it inside in a dark area like in the basement, and make sure to keep it moist. This advise was well in good, but the house I live in has all wood floors, and I a lot of wood furniture. And for anyone who has tried to grow mushroom in the house, there is always the possibility that the mushrooms will decide to plant themselves on other carbon IE wood sources. So I am growing mine in a plastic tub in the garage. The vendor told me that I should get some mushrooms in a few weeks, and up to 3 more harvests. Sounds good to me. The leftover straw and mushrooms spore makes great compost.

I will post updates in the weeks to come.

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