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Cottage Food Bill: Instantly Turns a Profit

Ann Arbor Food

My Peach Pocket Pie, Picture from RealTimeFarms.com

Just a few days out from Jennifer Granholm signing the Cottage Food Operation Bill, Inchworm Bakery (That’s me) is happy to announce that we sold out of our local peach pocket pies at the Westside Farmers Market. Many were amazed that this bill became a law so quickly. There was a buzz with other farmers, and venders about food products they would like to make and offer at the market. I was the first one out of the gate, but more will soon follow, and thanks to this new law, a diverse and exciting range of Michigan Made food products will be available.

We plan to use as many Michigan ingredients as we can. All of our baked goods will use organic Michigan Flour.

Next weeks offerings will feature Michigan peaches, cherries, a chocolate pie, and local apricot pocket pies. And Emily will be featuring shortbread cookies.

HB 5837 Cottage food Bill: Passes the House

Here is a quick update on HB 5837, the cottage food bill. This Bill just passed the Michigan House with a huge major, 95% with no votes against. See the vote. This is not the last stage in the process. Like all bills the process is to propose the bill. Then work on it in committee, then the house votes on it, then the senate votes on it, “Them Da gov-nah signs it.” We are at the process with it passing the house. It still needs to pass the senate, which I feel it has a good chance considering how easy it passed the house on both sides of the political fence.

So what will I do if, and when HB 5837 finally passes? I am already selling microgreens at the Westside Farmers Market, as readers may know, and when my flowers start coming in, I will be selling cut sunflowers. When HB 5837 goes passes, the plan is to bake and sell hand pies, at the market too, and an all natural version of power bars. Let keep the pressure going with this to push it happening ASAP. Click here to find your Michigan State Senator, and send them an email saying you support HB 5837, or better still call your senator directly, and speak with a staffer, and tell them you support the bill. Thanks to Pam Byrnes for introducing it, and the many local food activists who spoke up and are still speaking up to support this Bill