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Sliders: Mini Cheese burgers for dinner

Slider (Mini burgers) are becoming a restaurant trend. On my trip down south, I noticed that Ruby Tuesday’s featured a slider menu of various mini burgers/sandwiches. They offered salmon burgers, a shrimp burger, chicken breast, along with the traditional hamburger slider. When I was growing up in New Jersey, my idea of sliders were the mini burgers sold at white castle.

So there I was at Plum Market at the meat case thinking about dinner. I was going to get a steak, but saw they had grass fed burger paddies. I bought one padded which a reformed to make three mini burgers. For the buns I use the zingerman’s mini challah bread rolls, and top it off with some good cheddar cheese. Onion rings and steak fries from the hot bar topped off the meal. Slider can make for a fun and easy quick meal. Don’t feel that you only have to have burgers. Most meat cases feature all sort of “burger paddies” from salmon, turkey, and sausage. And for the vegetarian, most grocers carry a variety of veggie burgers in the freezer section.

Serve your sliders with cole slaw, and a potato dish like potato salad, or oven roasted potatoes.



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