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Occupy Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry’s hand out free Ice Cream to Occupy Wall Street in DC

I have been a fan of Ben and Jerry’s for some time, especially when I lived in Vermont. The have a progressive philosophy with business and they are just plan fun people. I used to attend their shareholder party/concert every year.

So it is no surprise to hear that they are showing up at Occupy locations across the country and dishing out free ice cream.

Ben And Jerry’s Duo Distribute Free Ice Cream To McPherson Square’s Occupy Protesters, by Hayley Miller

“Ben and Jerry’s has proved that a corporation can support the community and use its power to improve the quality of life for everybody and still make a profit,” Cohen told reporters at the event. “As our business supports the community, the community supports us back. … I think it would be great if other corporations could follow suit.”

There take on business as doing good for the community is in contrast to winner take all gambles with the community getting left holding the bag.

Although they are admittedly part of the 1 percent that the occupiers continuously criticize, the legendary ice cream entrepreneurs are touring the country in support of the anti-corporatism movement and have issued a statement on their websitesupporting Occupy demonstrators.

It seems like more and more of the 1% are with the 99% like Buffet and Gates and the Cohens. Now if we can only get more of them on board.

“I think that there’s a lot of people in the 1 percent that believe that the laws in our country have been rigged to support the wealthy,” Cohen said. “It shouldn’t be surprising that people are advocating for things that don’t necessarily help them, but help the community in general,” he said, adding that a constitutional amendment could “solve the problem”

I think more of the 1% would be open to paying more in taxes if there were policies in place, but they are not going to tax themselves right.

Occupy Wall Street: Winter Wonder Land?

We are the 99% protest sign in Down town Dayton Ohio with a season pumpkin stand

OK. I know this is mostly a food blog, but I have taken a little break to talk about the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which does have elements of Food Activism, with off shoot movements like Occupy Monsanto.

The big question is winter. Will the Occupy part of the movement be hindered by the cold winter weather?

I figure it will get harder and harder for people to stay out 24/7 on cold winter nights. Full time Occupying is both the strength and the challenge to the movement.

Not since the Hoovervilles of the great depression has mass Occupy protests been used.

Improvised Rain Shelter Container, Downtown Dayton

But the deal is that full time occupiers seem to be only a handful of people who support the movement like myself.

Ed Shultz of MSNBC’s, The Ed Show, calls the movement, the 99%, which takes the whole Occupy out of the equation to represent it as the angry 99% who have seen their portion of wealth stagnate as the 1% sky rockets thanks to lower taxes like capital gains and bail out of Wall Street.

On a trip to Dayton Ohio’s Occupy group, members told me that there are large groups on weekends in the hundreds, but only 4-6 full time occupiers with about 10 people there on daytimes.

Dayton Ohio Occupy Wall Street Protestor with a sign that could have been taken from the Tea Party

The Full Timers do get the attention (and the arrests) and for those in the movement the deserve our support.

For me it is about increasing numbers, which comes from the large group of weekend warrior types and participation in pre-planned large attended rallies and marches.

More Signs then Protestor on week days awaiting weekend warriors to carry them, Dayton Ohio

I say, lets get the large rallies happening where people come out in great numbers and make a loud noise for a few hours, gain momentum, network and then go home to keep it going on social media, youtube, blogs and to their friends at work.

This means bumper stickers, T-shirts, buttons etc…and flyers around campus along with pre-planning for schedule events.

See my Occupy Wall Street Shop at Cafepress.com

If you are going to college, start an Occupy Group or if you belong a to church, how about starting an occupy group on the grounds of your church or inside?

And lets not forget the Spring, Summer and Fall weather is a few months away with this next election season. Once the weather warms up, Occupiers will be in force occupying the beach heads the hardcore members have staked a claim too.



Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Wall Street T-shirts, Democracy is Good

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I am just having too much fun designing T-shirts. I came up with Democracy is good a few days ago. I am a big fan of voting. There will always be personal politics, but I feel that voter turn out in the US is low. So get out there and vote people. Democracy is good.

So where does Democracy is good fit into the local and food movement? I figure that people vote with their fork with what they eat too.

Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Wall Street T-shirts just a few more

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Occupy Wall Street: Even More Occupy Wall Street T-shirts

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OK. That makes 15 designs. (chuckles)

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is starting to gain some energy in Ann Arbor. There is a small group of campers in Liberty Plaza in Down Town.

There is a meeting on Thursday, so I will see if the group has gotten bigger, or kicked out for that matter.

I assume that it will eventually move inside when the weather gets colder with more organized rallies instead of camping, but I could be wrong.

Maybe camping out in all sorts of weather in protest is a strong statement and it will continue.

OWS is still very new and it does not seem to fit into a nice media package like the tea party did.

I think that makes the media want to talk about it even more.

See SNL video parody of Mayor Bloomberg

The coverage is very piece meal with journalist asking one or a few people why they are their at various “camp ins” and receiving a lot of different answers.

My understanding is that it is not about support of a certain piece of legislation or party. It feels more like what happened in Egypt where the people rallied to change things at the top, but I speculate.

I am having fun making T-shirts.

T-shirt ideas are welcomed.



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